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Bonus Watch ’14: Some People Get A (Modest) Raise

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If you’re taking any risk at all, sorry: You are out of luck.

Employees in low-risk, fee-heavy businesses such as asset management may see their bonuses rise by as much as 10 percent, while those in the volatile and risk-heavy business of fixed-income trading may see their bonuses fall by as much as 15 percent, according to the compensation survey….

Johnson expects bonuses of top executives at Wall Street firms to be mixed, ranging between a 10 percent drop and a 5 percent rise.

This means: An extra 5% to 15% for M&A bankers and p.e. folks, 5% to 10% for prime brokers, zilch to 5% for commercial and retail bankers, and up to 10% less for equities traders. Perhaps some free hot dogs and the occasional weekend day off will make up for it?

The firm also said slow growth in pay was impacting employee morale at investment and commercial banks.

"Improving work environment and culture can help somewhat to counteract potentially lower compensation prospects for the future," Johnson Associates said.

Big banks are no longer top payers, the firm said, adding asset management and other options provide similar or higher compensation opportunities.

Asset managers likely to get bigger bonuses this year: consultant [Reuters]


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