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Guy Who Bears Passing Resemblance To Ken Griffin Was Drinking On A Boat Named By A Douchebag This Weekend

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“Moar Theta.” Get it? And look, there’s a middle-aged white guy on it. In Chicago. Do the math, people!

Chicago-based billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin was seen chilling on a yacht on Lake Michigan over Memorial Day Weekend, according to a witness who took photos.

Griffin, who runs Citadel, was spotted on board a72-foot Princess Yacht appropriately named "Moar Theta". It's a name that only traders could truly appreciate.

On second thought, there are a lot of middle-aged white-guy traders in Chicago.

UPDATE: We reported earlier that hedge fund manager Ken Griffin was seen on the boat. It wasn't Griffin. Our apologies.

A Yacht Was Spotted In Chicago With A Name That Only Traders Could Appreciate [BI]
Hedge Fund Manager Ken Griffin Was Seen Chilling On A Yacht With A Name That Only Traders Could Appreciate [BI]


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