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Here’s An Idea From The Most Business-Friendly Country In Europe


Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s finance minister and combinatorial puzzle enthusiast, is what Europeans call a conservative. It appears that something has been lost in the translation, however, because in European, “conservative” means favoring conservatively taxing financial transactions until you can get everyone else to agree on taxing them less conservatively.

"The options, interests and situation of the various participants are so divergent that in a first step we can only have a limited taxation of shares and some derivatives," Wolfgang Schäuble said as he arrived for a meeting with his counterparts in Brussels….

Mr. Schäuble said Monday that he wanted to reach a deal on the first steps of the tax by the end of the year.

EU Tax Should Start With Derivatives, Shares Says German Finance Minister [WSJ]


The Ballsiest Country In The Western Hemisphere

[caption id="attachment_100068" align="alignleft" width="260"] The passing of the torch.[/caption] It's not Venezuela, now that old Hugo is gone. It's not Cuba. And it's definitely not the U.S. Indeed, the ballsiest country on this side of the globe seems to be measuring its cojones against us, in a series of direct throw-downs. And Argentina's are bigger.

Europe Also Screwing The Caymans

Not only is Europe’s debt problems bludgeoning the U.S. markets today, but the continent is also on the verge of dealing a huge blow to the hedge fund industry and its favorite tax havens.