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Ken Langone Is Sorry If You Think His Comments About Hitler Were About Hitler

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As we've witnessed over the last number of years, de rigueur among a subset of the 0.001 percent is to describe the president, the current administration, Democrats in general, and any person or group doing lefty-type things (e.g. so much as thinking about raising taxes) as reminding thema lotof Adolf Hitler. (Generally the accusation is about Hitler-esque actions but presumably someone has or is dying to note the uncanny physical resemblance.) Often times, such statements are subsequently walked back after a PR person or close advisor is able to convince the billionaire question that while his opinions are totally valid and of the utmost importance, others might struggle to see the parallels between progressives and genocidal maniacs. Home Depot founder Ken Langone is no such billionaire.

To those who would take issue with his comments in March in which he "compared progressive talking points on income inequality to Adolph Hitler's talking points in 1930s Germany," Langone has three words and spoiler alert, they're not "Geez, I'm sorry." But rather:

...Do I stutter?

“I simply said just because we’re a democracy doesn’t mean you can’t have bad results,” Langone told Capital New York. “That’s all! I stand on what I said.” “Then Astorino said, Governor Cuomo should repudiate that statement from Ken Langone. What statement did I make? My statement was that a democratic process could have bad results. You want proof? Go back to 1933. It was horrible results! I was only saying that we are, thank God, a democracy, and when our leaders pit group against group, it’s not constructive.” Langone went on. “I wanted to make it clear—I said the next day I want to make it very clear, if anybody took my remarks to say I was comparing Hitler to somebody else, please accept my apologies, because that’s not what I was saying. He was a horrible evil human being. I hope he’s burning in hell for eternity for what he did. I wasn’t talking about Hitler. I was talking about an election in 1933 that had very horrible results. I hope that’s a noble statement.” He turned back to the subject of Rob Astorino. “In any event, we know how he feels about me. ‘I should issue an apology.’ An apology for what?”

I suggested that it wasn't just Astorino who objected to the remarks, and who took offense at the comparison. “However they want to interpret it, there is no way that what I said could be misinterpreted,” Langone replied. “Remember the expression ‘Whoever dares ignore history is doomed to repeat it?'” He added, “If you have dirtiness in your mind, that's your problem, not mine."

Cuomo’s GOP funder, defiantly, on Astorino [CapitalNY]

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