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Sleep Where Insider Trading Pioneer Joe Kennedy (Among Others) Hath Slept

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Do you find yourself among the hordes of New York hedge fund managers that Floridians say are moving to Florida? Looking for a suitable base in the new Greenwich, Palm Beach? Maybe something not-quite-Rosensteinesque, but with a little something extra? Something presidential, perhaps?

If so, you’re in luck: One New York private-equity guy who thinks Palm Beach is a great place to visit but no place to live is cashing out of a little piece of Camelot: the former home of bootlegger, insider-trader, inaugural SEC chairman, presidential and senatorial father, and all-around Renaissance man Joe Kennedy.

The famed Kennedy Compound in Palm Beach, Fla. that served as JFK and Jackie's "Winter White House" has gone to market with colossal asking price worthy of the well-known selling power of America's First Family. Last sold by the Kennedy family in 1995 to investment bank CEO John K. Castle for $4.9M, the 15,000-square-foot Atlantic Beach compound is back with a $38.5M price tag. Once considered a "teardown," the 1920s Mediterranean Revival has since been given a $6M renovation, and going off the listing photos, it's never looked better.

JFK’s ‘Winter White House’ in Palm Beach Wants $38.5M [Curbed]
Listing [Linda R. Olsson]


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