There Are Some Upsides To A €4.9bn Fine


We're not going to sugarcoat it. There aren't a lot. But if you find yourself frequently plagued by parking, speeding tickets and the like, consider this silver lining:

Inspired by this encounter, and by Pope Francis’s attack late last year on capitalism’s “idolatry of money”, Kerviel announced he would not return directly to Paris. Instead, the lapsed Catholic decided to walk home, marching the 1,400km in a reverse version of the Via Francigena, a medieval pilgrims’ route to Rome. He equipped himself with a bright red windbreaker, solid shoes and a GPS machine and set off, planning to live off donations from friends and strangers...Pulled over by the police on the way to Siena for walking on a motorway, he was about to get a fine until he told the police about the €4.9bn in damages he already owed. “The guy totally exploded laughing and said, ‘OK, no fine for you, you can just go,’ ” says Kerviel, a rare smile cracking his weary face.

Jérôme Kerviel’s long walk to captivity [FT via Matt]

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