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U.S. Tax Authorities Have Skied Enough

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The Justice Department’s tax-cheat division is ready for some fun in the sun.

The hunt for money hidden in Swiss bank accounts by U.S. citizens has become a global chase, with prosecutors tracing records to Singapore, the Cook Islands and elsewhere as U.S. authorities increase the pressure on Swiss lenders to turn over evidence, according to officials….

"It's fair to say we know where the tax-haven countries are. You've got Singapore, you've got the Cook Islands,'' said Ms. Keneally, who plans to announce Tuesday that she will leave the Justice Department to return to private practice. She said the U.S. has traced money transfers to banks in India, Israel, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, the Cayman Islands and other Caribbean countries.

U.S. Broadens Hunt for Tax Evaders [WSJ]


Might not have happened under the guy whose dad was a tax-avoidance aficionado. By Tom Evans [OGL 3], via Wikimedia Commons

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