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Wanna Make Some Extra Cash This Weekend?

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If the weather's got you down and you're thinking of bailing on your Memorial Day Weekend plans anyway, consider printing up a bunch of fliers with your number on tear-off tabs at the bottom, post them in high-traffic areas around your office building, and give this lady a run for her money.

New York City mommies with money to burn are hiring professional organizers to pack their kids’ trunks for summer camp — because their darlings can’t live without their 1,000-thread-count sheets. Barbara Reich of Resourceful Consultants says she and other high-paid neat freaks have been inundated with requests — and the job is no small feat. It takes three to four hours to pack for clients who demand that she fit all of the comforts of home in the luggage, including delicate touches like French-milled soaps and scented candles. At $250 an hour, the cost for a well-packed kid can run $1,000.

Whether you're a first year analyst, a VP or MD: put your spatial reasoning skills to the test and supplement this year's disappointing bonus today.

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