Want To Show Up To Work Looking And Smelling Like An Upstanding Citizen No Matter What You Did Last Night?


Do you party so hard you wake up looking like a dead person the next day? Has a colleague mentioned your skin tone is very similar to his uncle's when he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver? Do you get weird stares in meetings from people wondering what drain you were pulled out of? Do you look like a 37 year-old who's had a hard life, even though you're 22, just graduated, and this investment banking gig is the first job you've ever had? Do you get the distinct feeling you've gotten your last free pass on showing up to work smelling like cigarettes and the urinal you tripped and face planted into last night? Apparently there's a lady who can help with all that.

One of your co-workers may even have her number.

Miriam Gersh, director of Glam on the Go NY, revives the ashen skin and under-eye circles of clients wearing the adverse effects of alcohol. “I recently rushed to downtown Brooklyn to help a really hung-over Morgan Stanley employee," she told New York Magazine. "When I arrived, I thought she was dead; she looked like a zombie. She couldn’t show up for work like that. We gave her lash extensions and a spray tan.”

No longer do you have to choose between uncomfortable glances and that 18th beer at 4AM.

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