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Do You Like Your CEOs With A Side Of (Frequently Alleged) Sexual Harassment? Vote For Dov!

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The recently deposed American Apparel founder is hoping to regain control with the help of his fellow shareholders.

The ousted CEO of the embattled clothing retailer has called for a special shareholder meeting, looking to more than double the size of the board to 15 directors in a bid to regain control, the company disclosed in a Monday regulatory filing. The Charney request to the board for the special meeting was received on Friday, the company said in the filing. In retaliation, the board on Saturday raised the hurdles to call a special shareholder meeting, amending company bylaws to require lengthy advance notice, according to the filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission...Charney, who owns 27 percent of American Apparel’s outstanding shares, disclosed in a Friday regulatory filing that he has partnered with Standard General, a New York investment firm, to amass a controlling stake in the company.

Charney seeks special American Apparel shareholder meeting [NYP]


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