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Ex-Banker Who Filmed Dalliances With Female Guests Still Sticking With "It Was Only Supposed To Be Recording My Dog" Defense

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Among other things! Like "I have some work to do, let me just set up this laptop in front of the bed."

...former Morgan Stanley investment banker...John Kelly claims the videos were accidentally recorded by a “doggie cam” he set up to keep an eye on his prized puggle Maddie. Meanwhile, sources said, he’d labeled one of the steamy clips “India Research” in a flip reference to the ethnic background of one victim. “What is this? An NSA doggie cam?” said one victim, 37. “These recordings were so clearly deliberate.” “The videos are very shocking and disturbing,” said another victim, 34, who met Kelly eight years ago at a museum and thought they were in an exclusive relationship...Prosecutors have said Kelly can be seen on video setting up the camera while the women were out of the room. Kelly faces 31 felony counts of unlawful surveillance and attempted unlawful surveillance and a dissemination charge for showing at least one of the videos to a pal for kicks, law-enforcement sources said. The creepy videos were recorded between May 2011 and Dec. 31, 2012, and uploaded to private YouTube and Vimeo accounts, according to one victim’s defense lawyer, Daniel Parker. Kelly would bring his laptop along when he visited the victims at their apartments, claiming he had work to do, the victims said. He would then allegedly leave the computer open on the nightstand or desk to face the bed.

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