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Got 28 Bitcoins? Local College Welcomes You.

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Its former president is going to jail for some innovative financial arrangements, but that isn’t stopping The King’s College from embracing one of its own.

King’s College, a four-year evangelical school based in Lower Manhattan, said that it would become the first accredited college to allow students to pay their tuition in Bitcoin….

Mr. Thornbury does not know how many of those students, or future students, will actually take advantage of the new payment method. That’s not surprising, given that many merchants say that just offering Bitcoin as an option can be a useful marketing tool.

Mr. Thornbury said that the school was primarily motivated by the desire to be forward-thinking.

“It seems to be fairly similar to email 20 years ago,” Mr. Thornbury said in an interview Friday. “Why would we need that? And then everybody has one.”

King’s College in New York to Accept Bitcoin [DealBook]


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