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Lunch With Warren Buffett Twice As Valuable This Year As Last

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The economy really is back, at least in Singapore, home to the mysterious Andy Chua, non-communicative businessman and last-second eBay bidding expert, who snagged the chance to have the Oracle translate what exactly he scrawled in support of a California pension trustee’s opposition to hedge funds.

The annual tradition of an online auction to have lunch with Warren Buffett ended Friday night with a winning bid of $2.16 million.

The winning bid came from Andy Chua of Singapore, according to a Glide spokeswoman….

Since the first auction in 2000, these private lunch dates with the billionaire investor and philanthropist have raised more than $17 million for the charity. This year’s winning bid is more than double the $1 million an anonymous bidder paid in 2013….

The bidding, which takes place on eBay and started on June 1, closed Friday night after five days and 121 bids. The bidding frenzy usually picks up just before the auction closes; on Friday, the price doubled from $1 million in the last six hours or so.

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