Nelson Peltz Really Liked Busting The Balls Of His Daughter’s Boyfriends Or Something


Said daughter, Nicola, leaned heavily on her experience of having a father to play Mark Wahlberg’s daughter in the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction, which feels like the 15th or 16th installment in the franchise but is actually only the fourth. In said film, according to the imperishable TransformersWiki, Wahlberg plays “widowed father and struggling inventor” Cade Yeager who “disapproves” of Nicola’s Tessa Yeager dating boys.

"I love the human element of this film," Peltz said in an interview recently posted on YouTube.

"My favorite part of the whole movie, you know, having to do with my character is the father/daughter relationship because I'm so close with my dad. I think it's so important to have a strong dad."

Now, none of Nelson Peltz’s three wives are dead, and “struggling inventor” would seem to be a stretch. What’s more, with eight children by his most recent spouse, he certainly would seem to have plenty of experience instilling as much fear into the hearts of his issue’s would-be paramours as he does into recalcitrant chairmen of boards.

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