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Reminder: Dealbreaker Dramatic Reading Night Part III Is Coming June 18

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Yes, June 18th is the night a theoretical Game 7 will take place, but the Rangers will have won by then. And, like the Kings, you'll lose if you wait 'til the last minute to buy your ticket. Sign up here. Sign up now.1 And don't forget to request a post2 for your viewing pleasure.

1. Ideally, you will do so by link, but title also works, as does "I can't find the post or remember the title but it involved elves?"
2. After being approved, you will receive a link to buy a ticket. In the past some people have reported that the link to buy tickets went to spam, so be sure to check your folders for a message from Dealbreaker or inadvertently miss the greatest night of your life (it may also go to "promotions").


Coming Soon: Dealbreaker Dramatic Reading Night Part V

Do you know what you’re doing the evening of Wednesday, June 24th? You do now.

Dealbreaker Dramatic Reading Night: The Sequel

Do you know what you're doing on the evening of Wednesday, February 13th? Spending Valentine's Day Eve with Dealbreaker Dramatic Reading Night, that's what! The second edition of the DBDRN series will begin at 7:30PM at a bar somewhere in downtown Manhattan and will include new (old) material, plus a few fan favorites. Once again, we'll be keeping this intimate and capping the guest list at ~ 40, so get your tickets here NOW.