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The Bitcoin Bugle: Good, Bad, Ugly

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Bitcoin’s slow, shaky, staggering, inexplicably inexorable stumble towards respectability continues: Whether you’d like to buy your buddy Eric Cantor a little “thanks for listening to our lobbyists all these years” vacation or give a contributory pat on the back to the guy who cut short his rise to the Speakership of the House, you can now do both in bits.

Expedia, the big online travel site, announced on Wednesday it will begin accepting bitcoin for hotel bookings through its website, becoming the first major travel-agency to take the digital currency. If the reception is good, the company said it expects to bring bitcoin to its other service lines as well….

The company is starting with hotels essentially as a test of the system, he explained. “We want to start at a reasonable, small place,” he said, and see if it will be feasible to expand it to other parts of the business. If the trial works well, and if customer support is there, he expects the company will start taking bitcoin for other bookings as well. “Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely,” he said.

Expedia, which is using Coinbase for bitcoin processing, won’t hold the digital currency it receives, but that’s not “a statement on bitcoin, pro or con,” Mr. Gulmann explained. Rather, Coinbase’s default setting is for a daily settlement back into U.S. dollars.

CoinVox is marketing a user-friendly website interface for accepting donations in bitcion to political candidates and action committees that ensures they stay compliant with FEC reporting requirements and campaign finance laws.

CEO Chris David plans to launch the service at an event sponsored by startup accelerator Plug & Play in San Francisco on Thursday.

Of course, you can still also use your bitcoins to pay women to make personalized, anonymous pornos for you.

Since its founding in 2009, has allowed men to forge private one-on-one, online-only video relationships with female account holders and contribute funds to those women….

Early on, there was one problem: Mygurlfund was funneling its bitcoins through bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox….

“We lost a significant amount of money,” Mr. Patrick says. And with bitcoin’s price now down sharply, customer usage of the digital currency also fell.

And yet, a few months later, right when the team was wondering whether their bitcoin adventure was over, requests to make bitcoin payments picked up again. felt compelled to set up a private bitcoin wallet to accommodate these members’ needs.

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