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Write-Offs: 06.18.14

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$$$Fed Raises Projections for Rates in 2015, 2016 [WSJ]

$$$Argentina to negotiate with holdout investors for first time [Reuters]

$$$Questions of a Double Standard, but a Problem of Weak Justice [Dealbook]

$$$Steve Cohen Is at Basel [BusinessWeek]

$$$Mayor Rob Ford to city: Change the locks, I'll be back [TS]

$$$Rengan Rajaratnam Rejects Plea Deal [WSJ]

$$$ The announcement took place in a warehouselike event space filled with 300 members of the news media, app developers and handpicked Amazon fans. The presentation began with videos from people begging to attend; 60,000 people applied to do so, but only 300 were admitted. [NYT]

$$$Specialty Brazil-themed condoms, colored yellow and green and purportedly flavored like Caipirinhas (the country’s signature cocktail), are being snatched up faster than you can say “goal.” About 2.1 million condoms, or 700,000 three-packs (hat tricks?), have been sold since debuting in February. The first delivery of 864,000 sold out in 15 days, and an additional batch of the same amount was distributed in Brazil this week. [NYP]


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