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Charlie Gasparino Will Put On A Hard Hat And Report From The One Operating Lane On The Staten Island Expressway If He Has To

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As many of you will recall, at the end of last week, Fox Business reporter Charles Gasparino tweeted the following: "Irony of #sunvalley: media conf closed to the media guarded by bullying and fat ex cops like the guy I told to stop bullying my producer." At the time, we assumed Gasparino was merely adding depth to his coverage of the conference with some of his patented "behind the scenes"-style tweets. According to FBN's sister publication, however, the 140 characters were precipitated by this:

The tension began Wednesday night when Gasparino and two of his producers crashed a party that was off-limits to the press. Words were exchanged and they were ordered to leave by MSA Security’s Brian Coughlin, whose day job is with the NYPD bomb squad...Then, on Thursday, Gasparino got into a shouting match with the same security guard and was ordered off the grounds of the mountain resort — “You’re out of here,” Coughlin said.

Did the order-- which was apparently followed by an official "trespass citation"-- stop Charles from doing his job? Maybe a lesser reporter would've cut his/her losses, not deigning to do segments on the side of a highway, but not Charles.

Gasparino was forced to do a stand-up Thursday afternoon from a roadside outside the resort as cars and trucks whizzed past.

While extreme circumstances may've forced him to the side of the road, we see this as a glimpse into yet another one of Charlie's many talents: The off-location stand-up report. Where else can you expect to see Gasparino do future hits after being unceremoniously shown the door?

  • The roof of the Red Hook Fairway
  • Just outside the limits of Jones Beach
  • The parking lot of the Vince Lombardi rest stop Ooff Exit 16W on the New Jersey Turnpike

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