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Chris Hohn’s Wife Goes All Patty Cohen On Him

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Like the former Mrs. SAC, Jamie Cooper-Hohn suspects that The Children’s Investment Fund founder, who once loved her enough to take her name and to give her a £2 billion charity to play with, is hiding £1.7 billion—or at least several hundred million—in the crevasses of his “modest life.”

Mrs Cooper-Hohn, 49, claims their joint assets were about £849million and her husband is worth at least a further £872million from personal assets in his hedge fund – The Children’s Investment Fund group of companies – making a combined wealth of £1.72billion.

But Sir Christopher, knighted last month in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, claims he is worth a mere £67million and that much of his wealth was built up after they separated….

The couple separated in December 2012 and divorced in April 2013 but the decree nisi has never been made absolute.

Yesterday the High Court heard that despite the tycoon’s incredible ability to make money on the financial markets the couple lived ‘modest lives’….

Whatever the outcome the divorce settlement is likely to be the biggest in UK history, beating the £220million paid in 2011 by the late Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky. The hearing continues.

My hedge fund boss ex-husband is hiding his millions to minimize my payday, claims wife at centre of Britain’s first ‘£1 billion’ divorce - and judge says they were living Swatch, not jet-set lifestyle [Daily Mail]


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