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God Of Capitalism Offers Vatican Its Blessing

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The U.S. Comptroller of the Currency is yea and verily pleased by all of the goodworks engaged by Christ’s vicar on earth’s bankers.

The Holy See's financial supervisor and regulator said it signed an information-sharing agreement with the U.S. regulator overseeing national banks, as the Vatican continues efforts to boost transparency and international cooperation….

"This is a further step in the Holy See's efforts toward perfecting a system of financial regulation," said René Brülhart, the director of the AIF, said in a statement.

"The Holy See is part of a global family of well-regulated jurisdictions and the signing of this agreement reflects that very clearly," added Mr. Brülhart, a Swiss national, who has been in charge of the AIF since November 2012….

The AIF has signed memorandums of understanding on increasing cooperation to fight money-laundering with more than a dozen countries, including Italy, Germany and the U.K.

Vatican Financial Regulator Signs Information-Sharing Deal With U.S. [WSJ]


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