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It’s Not Denny Chin’s Fault He Ruled On A Fake Motion Filed By ‘Bernie Madoff’

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The federal judge didn’t notice that the request to dismiss the charges against the guy he sentenced to 150 years in prison was filed by one “Frederick Banks, the Litigator Legal Asst.” FYI: Frederick Banks is a federal prisoner in Ohio whose hobby is filing frivolous lawsuits and accusing the government of employing its arsenal of “voice to skull” mind-control weaponry on him. In this particular case, Banks was posing as Ponzi Master extraordinaire Bernie Madoff.

In any event, it’s not like it’s his job to decide which CIA-conspiracy-laden filings are real and which are fake. It’s just his job to deem them meritless, with which judgment we cannot help but concur.

“The document is on the docket. It was duly filed,” said Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe, clerk of the federal appeals court in New York, where Chin now sits. “We rely upon an adversary to object to a filing, or a party to say that something was filed on their behalf that they did not authorize. If the submission is challenged that way, the court will take it up in the usual course.”

On the other hand, it certainly doesn’t sound like the conspiracy theories that Madoff usually peddles, so perhaps he should have given Ira Sorkin a call.

“As far as I know he’s of sound mind,” said Sorkin, who said he receives occasional e-mails from his former client, who’s serving his time in a federal prison in North Carolina.

To a point, Ira. To a point.

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