Ken Griffin's Title As World's Richest Illinoisan In Peril


As you've probably heard by now, hedge fund manager Ken Griffin is getting divorced, having served his wife Anne with papers at some point yesterday afternoon. So, it's sad times at Casa de Griffin, made even sadder by the fact that the Citadel founder may be parting with a good chunk of his milkshake allowance at some point in the near future.

Oh sure, there's a prenuptial agreement, signed in 2003 when Ken and Anne wed. And, considering that this was Ken's second rodeo, following his divorce from his first wife in 1996, the terms of the contract were probably iron-clad and written with little leeway. But, as the Chicago Tribune points out:

A 2012 New York Post article described [Anne Dias Griffin's attorney Robert Stephan] Cohen, who has represented Christie Brinkley, Ellen Barkin and Uma Thurman, as the “pit bull” of divorce lawyers.

While the couple has apparently been separated for about a year, an earlier report suggested that KG caught Anne off guard with the filing and, rather cruelly, on the first day of her vacation, which is just unnecessarily harsh. So if the big guy wants to play hard ball, it's hard ball he's gonna get. That hedge fund? She's taking half! That title? Kiss it good-bye! Best case scenario, he's going to be crying on Billy Joel's shoulder somewhere on Long Island by the time she's done with him.

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