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Short Seller Ferrets Out Bad Market Characters, Educates Public On Motivations Of Little Known Comic Book Character

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When he's not exposing Spanish WiFi scams, Gotham City Research founder David Yu offers a rare and unique glimpse into the behaviors of a rarely discussed guy named Batman.

The short seller that helped bring down Let’s Gowex SA (GOW) is a secretive firm called Gotham City Research LLC, which is bringing pressure to European companies largely unaccustomed to such scrutiny. Daniel Yu, founder of Gotham City Research, named the firm after the city in the “Batman” comic books. Like the masked hero, Yu is protective of his privacy and declined to reveal his age, educational details or the number of people who work for the firm. In interviews with Bloomberg News, he said he devoted himself to betting against troubled companies after getting burned by an investment in mortgage lender Freddie Mac in 2008. “If you pay close attention to Batman, he always worked within the spirit and the letter of the law,” Yu said by phone from New York on June 23. “He’s not a vigilante.1 He realizes that the authorities have scarce resources and limited personnel. We are driven by the desire to show people that the world doesn’t belong to seemingly untouchable wrong-doers.”

Short Seller Yu Channels Batman in Takedown of Gowex [Bloomberg via Matt]

1. Do you really need to pay "close attention" to see this? Wouldn't this be a thing you would know based on even the most cursory knowledge of the character? In a parallel universe, the short seller who runs Metropolis Capital Partners is telling a reporter, "People seem to forget, Superman could fly."↩2

2. Obviously early on there is a part where people are like, "Maybe Batman is a bad guy," but all of us living outside the comic strip/movie know he's not.


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