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Things Are Itchy At Deutsche Bank

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From the front lines:

"Bed bug outbreak on the trading floor at 60 Wall. There were bed bug sniffing dogs in this past weekend and some cleaning was done in a few areas. Affected areas are being fumigated this weekend, but not the entire floor, just where they initially found the bugs. Everyone is still sitting in the same seats. People are pretty amazed they're not actually going to treat the entire floor. Maybe they'll give out free DB back scratchers."



Somehow, Things Are Even Worse At Deutsche Bank

We Need To Talk About Deutsche Bank.

Layoffs Watch '12: Deutsche Bank

Cuts are said to have gone down in DB IBD. From the front lines: "Yet another round of layoffs here (2nd / 3rd round in most groups). Following the same pattern of 2-3 per group to avoid big news. All levels affected. Another possible round coming before year end."

Layoffs Watch '12: Deutsche Bank

The Germans are "going on a diet" that will involve a "painstaking, methodical, meticulous approach to boosting efficiency" and "very significantly streamlining" in the investment bank and no one, not even the people hiding out in Chicago are safe. "Yet more DB cuts: 3 directors, 1 managing director and 1 vp in Chicago last week." [MarketWatch]