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Two-Letter App Will Not Have Four-Letter App Making A Mockery Of Its Business Model!

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YoTM sees what YOLO is doing and is coming in guns blazing.

Yo, the simplified messaging app backed by an optimistic $1.5 million in funding, has apparently had it with the clones. The company is now trying to get the parody app YOLO removed from the App Store by filing a complaint with Apple, claiming copyright and trademark infringement. Yo…YOLO? Surely you can see the potential consumer confusion? According to the complaint, Yo founder Or Arbel says that YOLO is “a complete fake copy of our Yo app.” That may be true, but the YOLO app is also a bit of a joke. Explains Betty Xi, one of the team members who helped create YOLO, their app was built to “poke fun at Yo.” Like most of us, Xi was mystified by Yo’s seemingly too-high valuation. “With a product as fragile as Yo and the app being so easily duplicated, how can people claim this product is worth $10 million?,” she asks...The YOLO app, she notes, only took three days to build. “YOLO is entirely different from Yo,” she adds.

Yo Is Trying To Get Parody App YOLO Pulled From The App Store [TechCrunch]


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