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You Could One Day Address Ken Griffin As Governor Griffin, But Probably Won't

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You could also one day read about Griffin signing with the Bulls as their new shooting guard but, again...

Hedge fund manager Ken Griffin has sounded quite political in recent public appearances and has written big checks to candidates he likes. But until now, no one one has ever asked him directly if he would consider running for public office himself. Griffin faced just that question, however, at the Delivering Alpha conference presented by CNBC and Institutional Investor. Griffin's answer? "I can't see that in my future." "You wouldn't rule it out?" CNBC's Kate Kelly followed up. "Never say never, but I can't see it in my future," Griffin replied.

Trading it all in to sell milkshakes in Wisconsin, however, is fully on the table.

Citadel's Ken Griffin: 'Can't see' gubernatorial run [NetNet]


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