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108 Year-Old Investor Recommends Cheeseburgers


One of the secrets to Irving Kahn's success.

Three days a week, Irving Kahn takes a taxi from his flat in Manhattan for the short ride to the offices of his investment firm, Kahn Brothers. Nothing surprising about that, you might think. But Mr Kahn is 108 years old. His Wall Street career began before the crash of 1929 and over the intervening decades he has seen the Great Depression, the Second World War, the Cold War and the recent financial crash, as well as numerous less-severe crises. Through them all he carried on investing...Mr Kahn said he was finding few bargains in today’s markets, in which America’s benchmark S&P 500 index has hit repeated record highs. “I try not to pontificate about the market, but I can say that my son and I find very few instances of value when we look at the market today. That is usually a sign of widespread speculation,” he said...He explained how investment decisions are reached at Kahn Brothers. “Tom runs the firm and my grandson Andrew is one of our analysts. The three of us and our team enjoy debating the merits of companies. Sometimes we have different opinions, which makes it interesting...

Asked the secret of his father’s longevity, [Tom Kahn] said: “I think it’s 75pc genetic. He didn’t have a good diet; he used to prefer cheeseburgers to salad and ate lots of meat. And he smoked until he was about 50.”

108-year-old investor: 'I doubled my money in 1929 crash – and I'm still winning' [Telegraph]


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