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Bank of America Employee's 2-Part Plan For Extended Vacay Didn't Take Insurance Fraud Laws Into Account

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Back in 2012, Bank of America branch manager Aurora Barrera was in need of a vacation. She knew a week or two would be nice, but what would be better was the kind where she never had to come back, though continued to get paid. Since HR probably wouldn't approve of the proposal, she had to figure out something slightly more creative, which in the end involve first robbing her place of business:

Aurora Barrera, 33, of Downey, California, helped plan the theft at a Bank of America Corp. branch where she was an assistant manager, the California Department of Insurance said yesterday in a statement.

...and second, strapping on a pair of cojones the likes of which Bank of America had never seen, and doing this:

Barrera said that two men held her hostage and forced her to wear a bomb for the robbery in September 2012. She said they made her remove money from the bank vault and place it outside the building, according to yesterday’s statement. Authorities later determined the bomb was fake...Barrera collected about $2,453 a month on the bank’s insurance policy, which was purchased through Gallagher Bassett, a subsidiary of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., said Patrick Storm, a spokesman for the insurance department. That was to pay for treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. The state agency said she also collected $9,964 for medical and other expenses.

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