Bill Ackman Pretty Confident In His Ability To Swing A Racquet


Over the weekend, Milken enlisted friends with homes [in the Hamptons] to host breakfasts and lunches about changing the world, organized by the Milken Institute’s FasterCures. There were warm-ups and cool-downs for the Charles Evans PCF Pro-Am Tennis Tournament pairing 32 professionals with 32 amateurs, including Steve Schwarzman, John Paulson, Bill Ackman and Larry Leeds, to benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation, which Milken founded. The matches took place on courts at the homes of Larry Gagosian, William Mack, Koch and Schwarzman...“Bill Ackman told me before the tournament that he was as good as any pro playing in the tournament, and he won his flight,” Milken said. [Bloomberg, related*]

* "After her practice, [Ackman's daughter] Eloise crossed the green-and-blue hard court for a round of doubles, joining Morgan Stanley across the net from Mr. Ackman and Marius. Nearly every shot that left Mr. Ackman’s racket barreled toward his daughter, many barely missing her as she gamely tried to volley them back. One of his shots did actually connect with its unintended target, causing Ms. Ackman to jump back. Dad rushed over for a quick hug and a peck on the forehead." (NY Observer)



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