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Dov Charney Vindicated (Of Allegations He Was A Crap CEO)

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When does the second quarter end? Why, June, of course. And when was Dov Charney fired as CEO of the company he founded? June. Therefore, Dov Charney is responsible for the fact that said company lost less money in the three months ended in June than it had in the year-earlier period, according to Dov Charney, who is also not interested in having it pointed out that he was also CEO during the aforementioned year-earlier period, or that he was fired not for being bad at running American Apparel’s finances (which he arguably was), but for being an alleged scumbag.

Charney said the earnings serve as a report card for his performance, since he was CEO during all but 12 days of the quarter. They demonstrate that Charney was coping with broader retail challenges and positioning the company for growth, he said in a conversation with Bloomberg TV’s Trish Regan.

“In the end, the customer isn’t that affected by the drama,” Charney said. “Some, that are loyal to the brand, may be inspired by the fact that I’m going to survive this corporate battle. Young people like a survival story. I’m a survivor and I want to win.”

Charney Says American Apparel Results Bolster His Case [Bloomberg]


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