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Fake, Unregulated Currency Not Unregulated Enough For Some

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The Bitcoin movement has a Tea Party, the cryptoanarchists, and some of them—including at least one accused felon—have made a slick new video declaring the virtual currency’s independence from, well, something high-minded, we’re sure.

Bitcoin’s independence is being threatened by the phony compromiser cryptocapitalists. And who better fits the phony bill than the Winklevii and their fancy lawyer, a woman so establishment that she wouldn’t help someone set up a yellowcake uranium ETF?

Kathleen Moriarty is the lawyer attempting to shepherd the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust through the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Moriarty, 61, who is 5-feet-1-inch tall with a silver bun of hair, has spent more than 20 years breaking ground in the fastest-growing segment of the money-management industry, guiding products to market such as the first hedge-fund replicator, the first physical commodity ETF and the first leveraged offering. She has built a reputation as the go-to lawyer for anyone seeking to sell an innovative ETF that regulators may scrutinize closely.

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