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Fannie Mae Looking For New Home With That New No-Stench-Of-Failure Smell

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With its eventual fate still up in the air, Fannie Mae is making plans for the future—by selling its famed colonial-mansion style headquarters in Washington. So if you’re in the market for 228,000 square feet of crumbling office space, or are looking to give your kids the easiest walk to Sidwell Friends ever, give Fannie a call. They may even be able to help out with the mortgage, and the Treasury Department will send welcome flowers.

Fannie Mae spokesman Pete Bakel said the decision to sell the organization’s real estate stemmed from two leases that will expire in coming years, deteriorating conditions in the headquarters building and the opportunity to consolidate employees from five locations into one….

“In the next two to three years, we plan to consolidate Fannie Mae staff from five Washington, D.C. area offices into a single, leased office building located in downtown D.C.,” Bakel said in a statement.

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