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Former Citadel Programmer Decides To Plead Guilty


Which may have something to do with his being guilty of sending a buddy some proprietary code he’d written and then trying to help him cover the whole mess up, and that buddy’s decision last week to plead guilty first. You know, little factors like that.

Uppal today admitted he’d written three computer scripts for quantitative trading for Citadel and transferred them to a computer accessible by him and Pu, without the firm’s permission….

Uppal and an unidentified person later removed computer equipment from Pu’s apartment, including hard drives containing the firm’s confidential information….

After telling Uppal he faced as long as 20 years in prison and a top fine of $250,000, Norgle asked, “What have you decided to do?”

“I have decided to plead guilty,” Uppal said.

Second Ex-Citadel Worker Guilty in Trade-Secrets Case [Bloomberg]



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