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Pay Hike Watch '14: It's A Swell Time To Be A Junior Banker (Unless You Work In Europe)

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While first year analysts at several major U.S. banks, including Goldman Sachs Group Inc., are looking forward to fatter paychecks, it seems their European counterparts can brace themselves for relative austerity. Credit Suisse Group AG and Deutsche Bank AG are monitoring the situation and haven’t made any decisions yet on increasing salaries, people close to the banks say. A person familiar with the matter says that Barclays in the U.S. will increase junior banker pay in line with the rest of the street. It’s not clear whether Barclays will do the same for its operations in Europe. UBS AG said it was comfortable with the current mix of pay and bonuses, according to one person familiar with the matter.

Juniors’ Pay Sees No Meaningful Rise at European Banks [MoneyBeat]


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