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U.S. Regulators Basically Tell Deutsche Bank To 'Nod If You Understand What We're Saying'

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And also that it has T-minus 12 months to makeover itself into an "After" bank (the "Before" being a pile of used tires left on the side of the road) and the clock starts now.

Deutsche Bank under fire from U.S. regulators over what they see as weak systems and financial controls, has been formally ordered to clean up its act as part of a confidential pact with the authorities, according to people familiar with the agreement. The private "memorandum of understanding" with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and New York's Department of Financial Services demands that Deutsche Bank overhaul its technology and compliance procedures, and fix what the regulators describe as serious risk-management deficiencies, according to people familiar with the accord. The MOU, which hasn't been previously reported, took effect in 2012 and is still in place, according to the people familiar with the agreement. There's no indication that regulators plan to escalate the MOU with Deutsche Bank or restrict its business activities, and it isn't known how long the agreement will remain in place. However, the New York Fed has set a mid-2015 deadline for Deutsche Bank to correct a list of high-priority issues, people familiar with the matter said. The consequences of missing the deadline aren't known.

Deutsche Bank Criticized by U.S. Regulators Over Reporting Systems, Risk Controls [WSJ]

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Analyst Downgrades Deutsche Bank To "Basically Fucked"

Autonomous pretty certain that the fall of The House of Cryan is nigh.

Layoffs Watch '12: Deutsche Bank

The Germans are not yet done firing employees in Asia. Deutsche Bank fired around a third of the staff in its Asia equity derivatives business on Tuesday, as part of a global cost savings plan announced on July 31, according to sources familiar with the matter. Just over 20 people remain in the division, down from a number in the mid 30s, according to one source, as Deutsche Bank and others seek to cut costs in businesses that are failing to generate adequate revenues as the global economy slows. The bank let go five traders, four product structurers and at least one salesperson from the division, the sources said, adding that the numbers were not yet finalised because the discussions were continuing...These cuts follow on the heels of layoffs in June in Deutsche Bank's Asian equities business, which like its counterparts at other firms globally has been struggling this summer due to slack trading volumes and a sharp decline in new share issuance. Deutsche Bank cuts a third of jobs in Asia equity derivs [Reuters]

Deutsche Bank Is Sorry It Violated U.S. Sanctions Laws 27,000 Times

Although, DB would like to just point out that it hasn't even talked to Iran, Libya, Syria etc. in, like, years.