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Argentina’s Not Saying Germany’s Being A Prick About This Whole Default Thing, But…

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It may not seem like Argentina needs another enemy right now, but it’s gone ahead and found one. The latest to be at fault for Argentina’s refusal to pay its bills? Germany. Surprising, I know, what with the Germans’ own long history of fiscal recklessness and inability to find traction in the international debt markets. Oh yea, and the fact that Argentina was kind enough to take in all of those troublesome Teutons back in the ‘40s and ‘50s; a little gratitude maybe would be in order? But it’s true: Germany has a “hostile attitude” towards Argentina’s plan to do whatever the hell it wants while still borrowing money on its terms.

In related news, Argentine President Cristina Kirchner made a typically understated address to the UN yesterday.

Speaking before the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, Fernandez said "terrorists are not only those who set off bombs, but also those who destabilize economies, causing hunger, misery and poverty…."

"The vulture funds," Fernandez told the General Assembly, "are practicing a kind of economic and financial terrorism".

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