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Bill Ackman Thought Allergan Directors Would've Accepted The Fact That He's A Genius By Now

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Come people: wake up!

...frustrated by Allergan’s steadfast refusal to engage in deal talks with Pershing Square and Valeant, Mr. Ackman lashed out at Allergan’s board. In a letter to the board on Tuesday, Mr. Ackman noted that it had been five months since the initial offer was made for Allergan, the maker of Botox. [...] “I had expected that at some point one or more directors would have woken up and smelled the coffee,” Mr. Ackman said, reiterating that shareholders have called a special meeting and proxy advisory firms have called for Allergan to engage. “The smell of strong brew is in the air. Now is the time to wake up.”

In Letter to Botox Maker, Ackman Attacks Board Inaction on Merger Talks [Dealbook]


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