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Careful Grooming = Respectability For Bitcoin

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A couple of Swiss Adonises have shed their tin-foil hats to reveal perfectly-coifed hair (or no hair at all, which is a kind of Teutonic perfection in and of itself). This, combined with their robot-like Swissness, apparently means that we can all stop clamoring for francs and start filling out instawallets, according to Bloomberg.

They are tall and textbook fit, and as poised as Swiss bankers -- Vulcan Swiss bankers. Armstrong, 31 and a former software engineer at Airbnb Inc., shaves his head. Ehrsam, 26 and a former foreign-exchange trader at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., keeps his hair short and very much in place. When they discuss bitcoin, they rarely smile. Do not try to make them laugh.

Certainly not! For one, it is impossible to make a German-speaking Swiss person laugh (even a German Swiss person from San Jose). What’s more, even it were possible, there is nothing to laugh about.

What seems strange and scary now will become familiar, and bitcoin will go from curio to currency. That’s the bet Armstrong and Ehrsam are making, with deadly seriousness.

Ex-Goldman Trader Aims to Bring Bitcoin to the Masses [Bloomberg]


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