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Carl Icahn Glad eBay Finally Woke Up And Listened To Him, Hope Its Learned A Valuable Lesson Here Today (Never Question Carl Icahn Again)

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Thankfully, the e-commerce giant came to its senses before Ichan had to go all Queens schoolyard on its ass. The only reason he gave them an extension on his patience is because he's actually had great success selling his knickknacks on the site.

EBay may have taken more than nine months to listen to the activist investor Carl C. Icahn and prepare a spinoff of its PayPal payments unit. But Mr. Icahn is happy that the company listened to him all the same. Mr. Icahn publicly praised eBay’s move on Tuesday, even if he couldn’t help but add that he believed the decision came “a little later than” it should have. “As I have said in the past and have continued to maintain, it is almost a ‘no brainer’ that these companies should be separated to increase the value of these great assets and thus to meaningfully enhance value for all shareholders,” the hedge fund magnate wrote on his corporate blog.

Icahn Praises Breakup of eBay [Dealbook]

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