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Every Allegation Leveled In Hedge Fund Manager v. Bahamas Neighbor Feud Is Better Than The Last

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As you may have heard, hedge fund manager Louis Bacon is in a bit of a tiff with "Canadian clothing magnate" Peter Nygard, his neighbor in Nassau. While the genesis of the argument is unclear, Bacon appears to have been upset with Nygard for doing some environmentally questionable things in the area, while Nygard claims Bacon's beef is that he wouldn't sell the Moore Capital founder his land. Typically, when rich people live within close proximity of one another, disagreements quickly devolve into amazingly petty wars of words and actions between two people with little to lose and unlimited resources with which to do things, like, say, cut down each other's shrubs without asking. Any past feuds between the exceedingly wealthy, though have been complete and total child's play compared to Bacon v. Nygard, in which:

* Bacon has claimed Nygard paid off a group of people to march around carrying signs linking Bacon to the KKK.

* Nygard has claimed an assistant of Bacon's, acting on orders from his boss, blasted the most annoying sounds in the world from "military grade speakers" directly into Nygard's bedroom, as a message not to fuck with Bacon.

* Nygard has claimed Bacon also dispatched an assistant to burn down his neighbor's house.

The founder of New York hedge fund Moore Capital Management was moved to torch the extravagant estate five years ago after Nygard refused to sell him the prized parcel, court papers allege. In a fit of pique, Bacon ordered an employee to “find a way to burn Mr. Nygard’s ‘****ing house’ down,” according to the lawsuit, which cites a conversation between employees of the two testy tycoons. The allegations by Nygard are his first major legal salvos in the US as the long-running feud spills onto domestic shores after burning through the Bahamian courts.

Earlier in the feud, Bacon accused Nygard of creating an environmental disaster by enlarging his extravagant estate with illegal sand dumps. Nygard countered by alleging that Bacon is simply throwing a tantrum because Nygard has long refused to sell him his prized parcel. While Nygard admits in court papers “[t]he cause of the fire is unknown,” a Bacon representative, two weeks after the flames were doused, said to one of Nygard’s employees, “See what I told you,” court papers allege. While the two were firing off claims in a Bahamas court, Bacon installed four “large, military-grade” speakers at the property line and pointed them at Nygard’s bedroom nearby, blaring “ear-piercing noises” whose aim was “solely to annoy Mr. Nygard and embarrass him in front of his guests,” court papers allege. “There, that’s a message from Mr. Bacon,” one of the hedge fund mogul’s assistants yelled after one punishing noise session, according to the suit. He then shouted: “Don’t ** with Louis.”

Responding to Nygard’s Los Angeles legal salvo, California In a y rebuttal this week, however, Bacon’s lawyers noted that amid leveling such accusations, Nygard failed to deny many of the sensational charges that were leveled against him in a lawsuit filed in New York last month. Those include allegations that Nygard orchestrated an elaborate campaign to smear him as a racist before local residents in the Bahamas. In July, for example, Bacon alleges that Nygard paid dozens of protesters to march through the streets of Nassau carrying signs that linked Bacon to the Ku Klux Klan.

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