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Ex-Morgan Stanley Employee Accused Of Filming Women Without Their Consent Continues To Shift Blame Onto Puggle

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First, John C. Kelly claimed that the only reason he was in the possession of recordings of three different women with whom he'd had sex was because of "...this camera set up in my apartment to watch my dog when I’m not there." (As for how some clips were made when he was at the ladies' apartments, there's this: "Kelly would bring his laptop along when he visited the victims at their apartments, claiming he had work to do...He would then allegedly leave the computer open on the nightstand or desk to face the bed." Re: the tapes making their way to YouTube and Vimeo, um, he'll get back to you.) Now, he's sullying the good name of Maddy the puggle once again.

The victim then blasts the handsome, blond, blue-eyed Williams College grad for titling the creepy porno “India Research” in a flip reference to her ethnic background. “I remember thinking ‘That’s not funny’ when I read the name — like you could get something better than that,” he admits. When the victim asks him if he understands how hurtful that was, his patience wears thin. “Big f–king deal,” he barks. “I never showed anyone.” When the victim tells Kelly she heard he showed her video to a buddy, he claims he revealed an illicit photo by accident when he was trying to pull up shots of his adorable puggle, Maddy.

Banker allegedly admitted to recording sex romps [NYP via Lauren LaCapra]

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Morgan Stanley 'Rainmakers' Might Quit Because Their Computers Don't Work

They're not there yet, however; first, they're going to send James Gorman a strongly worded letter and make a decision based on his response. They do sound pretty miffed though, so God help the guy if his answer is anything but "I've got my tool kit and I'm on the way over." Several dozen Morgan Stanley Smith Barney advisers who manage tens of billions of dollars of client money are considering leaving the firm, saying that widespread technology problems have made it very difficult for them to do their jobs, according to people familiar with the matter. The group has hired a lawyer to argue that they should be able to keep lucrative retention payments even if they quit, and they have also drafted a letter to Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman outlining their concerns, though the letter has not yet been sent, the sources said. Rebecca Rothstein, one of the firm's top advisers based in Beverly Hills, spoke to him on the group's behalf, two sources familiar with the conversation said. Rothstein, who is close to Gorman and not part of the group, told him about the difficulties advisers and their clients are having - from trading delays and problems with foreign currency transactions to inaccurate account statements and bounced checks - and warned the group was planning to quit, one of the sources said...Morgan Stanley spokesman James Wiggins said the firm was aware that brokers have been voicing complaints about the new technology, but did not know anything about this specific group of advisers. "No such letter has been sent to management and no mass exodus has been threatened," he said. "Management's door is always open to discuss with any concerns they may have." Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Rainmakers Consider Exit [Reuters]