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Jamie-Lynn Sigler-Dykstra's Ex Is Back In The Game

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Remember Abraxas “A.J.” Discala? Ex-husband of Jamie-Lynn Sigler (who's since moved on with Lenny Dykstra's son)? Guy who swore he didn't mean to suggest he was pumping and dumping penny stocks when he said to a friend, in discussing the share price of a company called Cubed: "I'm the fucking brake and the gas, jackass"? He's now able to move a bit more freely without the pesky weight of ankle-monitoring bracelet, which was apparently cramping his style.

Abraxis “A.J.” Discala, who was married to Jamie-Lynn Sigler for three years until 2006, won a small victory by convincing a federal judge to allow him to cut off the electronic-monitoring ankle bracelet that had limited his movements. The judge had ordered Discala to wear the bracelet after prosecutors maintained he was a flight risk. But Discala’s lawyer convinced the judge that the government had overstated its case on his flight risk. The 43-year old former actor, accused of swindling investors out of more than $300 million in a penny-stock scheme, is out on a $2 million bond. Brooklyn prosecutors admitted to inflating the accused scammer’s net worth to Magistrate Judge Joan Azrack. Prosecutor Walter Norkin first said Discala had a $7 million trust, before correcting the record. He has $7 million and a trust, he told the judge. Discala really has $29,000 available to him as most of his net worth is tied up in companies or has been seized by the government, Discala’s lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, wrote to Eric Vitaliano, the presiding judge.
Discala is accused of inflating stock prices for four companies he had interests in and selling his stakes before the prices crashed, leaving hapless investors in the lurch. The actor-turned-self-styled financial “Yoda,” who was caught bragging about his scheme on a federal wiretap, faces 10 counts of fraud and as much as 30 years in prison.

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