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Jesse Katsopolis Cleaned Up His Act And Went Into Hedge Funds

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Isn’t it just uncanny how many hedge-fund managers look just like John Stamos? And isn’t it equally uncanny how few television shows feature fast-talking Connecticut hedge-fund billionaires hanging out at country clubs where they don’t belong? Well, ABC is going to rectify the situation this mid-season.

The Full House actor will star in ABC’s midseason drama Members Only, EW confirmed. The show, formerly titled The Club, has been described as an “upstairs/downstairs” look at a tony Connecticut country club. Stamos will play Randy, a “fast-talking” hedge fund billionaire who only receives membership to the club thanks to his wife Mickey, played by Natalie Zea.

John Stamos gets an invite to ABC’s ‘Members Only’ [EW]
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