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Judge Junks Lawsuit Against S&P

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No, not that one. But gratifying all the same.

S&P had moved this summer to dismiss the IKB lawsuit, arguing the case is governed by German law that stipulates a three-year statute of limitations. The structured investment vehicle, called Rhinebridge, was created in mid-2007….

"We are pleased that the court granted our motion and dismissed the claims against us," said an S&P spokesman.

U.S. Judge Dismisses German Bank Suit Against S&P [WSJ]


S&P Lawyers Have No Interest In Seeing Scenic Springfield, Ill.

It's bad enough that S&P has to go and defend itself against what it says are completely meritless allegations with regard to its totally up-and-up, if not-always-in-the-ballpark-of-accurate, credit ratings. But it'd really prefer not to have to hire local counsel in Denver, Des Moines, Hartford and 14 other remote hellholes that the states that are suing it insist on using as their seats of government.