Ken Griffin Is Not Harvard’s Favorite Alumnus Anymore


For a few months, Ken Griffin reigned as Harvard’s greatest fairy godmother, writer of the largest check in the nearly 400-year history of the world’s richest university. No more: A Hong Kong property developer has done the Citadel founder two-and-a-third times better, handing the Harvard School of Public Health $350 million, allowing his father to join John F. Kennedy as the only people to have schools at Harvard named for them, while Griffin has had to settle for the undergraduate financial aid office.

As we don't have to tell you, this could not have come at a worse time for Ken, who now must hope that his pre-nup is as ironclad as he says it is if he is to restore his dignity as the most generous person ever to a school that doesn’t need any more money.

A charitable foundation run in part by Gerald L. Chan, an alumnus and longtime benefactor of the Harvard School of Public Health, has pledged $350 million to the school, the largest single donation in Harvard’s history….

Chan’s gift comes seven months after Kenneth C. Griffin ’89 gave $150 million to the College and the Business School, with most of the money earmarked for undergraduate financial aid.

School of Public Health Renamed with $350 Million Gift, Largest in Harvard History [Harvard Crimson]


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