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Layoffs Watch '14: HSBC


A whole bunch of bankers and various other members of Team Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation were said to come back from Labor Day to an unfortunate surprise.

From the front lines:

"29 commercial/corporate bankers returned from the Labor Day break to find that their 'break' was extended indefinitely... more than a handful were in the NY office, including large corporate and the retail and apparel industry teams, with the rest spread out across the country (which, of course, is comprised of HSBC offices that two years ago either didn't exist or were much smaller)."


Layoffs Watch '15: HSBC Probably Going To Cut 20,000 Jobs

Or it could be a mere 10,000. The details are still being hammered out.

Layoffs Watch '15: Macquarie

The bank is set to ask half its bankers in Asia to clear out their desks.

Layoffs Watch '12: UBS

Cuts are said to be going down this morning in Stamford. From the front-lines: "So far affecting employees in cap markets. We've been hearing cuts were coming so I'd imagine there will be more through the day."