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OH NO HE DI'INT: Ken Griffin Divorce Edition

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Back in July, after he filed for divorce from his wife of 11 years, we noted that Ken Griffin's title as World's Richest Illinoisan was in peril. In light of the fact that even if Anne Dias Griffin took half, the Citadel founder would still be worth over $1 billion, this comment may have seemed a tad dramatic. Following today's report that Anne wants their prenuptial agreement voided, though, and is clearly playing the hardest of ball, it doesn't seem dramatic in the slightest. She's going after him for everything, and if the idea of her demanding not just cash, homes, and art but the keys to the hedge fund sounds laughable than laugh it up! Also, if the (soon-to-be-ex-) Mrs. needs any pointers on playing dirty, she (allegedly!) needn't look far.

...the thrust of her legal response appears to center on an effort to overturn the prenuptial agreement, signed the day before the couple’s lavish wedding in Versailles in July 2003. According to one of the filings, Mr. Griffin did not present a draft of the document until “shortly” before the wedding, catching her off guard. He then disclosed his financial details on July 16 of that year, three days before the wedding. That day, she wrote in the filing, the couple had an intense argument during which Mr. Griffin broke a piece of furniture. To try to resolve the matter, Mr. Griffin suggested that the couple see a psychologist, but he did not disclose that he was already a patient of the individual, according to the filing. During the session on July 17, Ms. Griffin wrote, the psychologist recommended that she accede to Mr. Griffin’s demands and sign the prenuptial agreement. “As a result of Kenneth’s actions as described above, Anne was unduly influenced by Kenneth and the psychologist under the guise of a counseling session with a neutral psychologist,” she wrote in the filing. “Upon information and belief, Kenneth’s purpose for arranging the therapy session with Anne and the psychologist was to convince Anne to sign his agreement.”

Re: the "piece of furniture," are we talking, like footstool, or armchair he lifted over his arms and threw onto Michigan Avenue?

Anne Griffin Seeks to Void Prenuptial Agreement With Ken Griffin [Dealbook]


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