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One Fund Manager Is In Favor Of Scottish Independence

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And he’s going to vote for it tomorrow, too, just as soon as he gets off the plane from London, where he lives. His brother, who doesn’t have to travel to get to the country Mark Bathgate would like to see on its own two feet, and who even has a more Scottish-sounding name, is less eager for freeeeedom.

Mark Bathgate: “Institutions like the European Union and Nato allow small nations to thrive. Natural resources, wealth and all economic policy would allow Scotland to bring big benefits over the medium term.”

Haig Bathgate: “In a world that’s becoming more integrated, the U.K. at large will have a greater voice with Scotland as part of it. With all of the administrative functions that would need to be created and the additional costs for government functions I feel some kind of devolution would be more preferable without going to full independence. I also think that the union works pretty well for all of the U.K.”

Why These Scottish Fund Manager Brothers Are on Opposite Sides of the Vote [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]


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