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Pimco: Jim From Accounting's Departure Would Cause $10 Billion In Outflows

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According to the Wall Street Journal Pimco investors have pulled $10 billion since Friday, when it was announced that founder Bill Gross was taking his bonds and leaving. Is this development cause for concern over in Newport Beach? No, says Pimco management, and for three reasons:

1. Most people aren't going to follow ole whatshisface out to Denver.
2. They've got the liquidity to handle however many billions in redemptions the firm ultimately sees.
3. Everyone knew this was going to happen initially, and not because Bill Gross is some great investor but because there are always outflows after any quasi senior employee leaves. Bill Gross isn't special. Twenty-seven year-old VPs cause outflows.

Pimco is bracing for investors to pull out money following the sudden departure of its co-founder Bill Gross but expects the vast majority of clients to stick with the firm and is confident it can handle any outflows, the California-based investment group's chief executive said. "Should our revenues fall, and frankly we anticipate heightened redemptions here in the early stages - that's to be expected with any transition of a senior person - we're ready for that," Pimco CEO Doug Hodge told analysts on a conference call on Monday, adding that the firm had "ample liquidity".

Pimco says can handle rise in outflows after Gross exit [Reuters]


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