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Private Equity Firm Firing Up The Random Alternative Investments Name Generator

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For nearly 20 years, ISIS Equity Partners has chugged along without it or anyone else giving its name a second thought. It sounded great. Classical. Timeless. Redolent of god-like powers. Then, a certain terrorist organization picked a name that has, for ISIS, the unfortunate coincidence of, when translated into English and acronymized, being exactly the same.

Now, ISIS needs a new name. But, as we’ve discussed from time to time, the proliferation of alts. firms has led to a paucity of good new names. So before ISIS throws up its hands and calls itself “Not A Fucking Bloodthirsty Terrorist Operation Capital Management,” perhaps you’d like to lend them a helping hand.

ISIS Equity Partners, a buyer and seller of British companies, is changing its name to avoid confusion with the terrorist organization sweeping across Syria and Northern Iraq….

“It will come as no surprise to you to learn that we have decided to change our name,” Wol Kolade, managing partner at the private equity firm, said in an emailed statement. “We are no longer prepared to share it with a terrorist organization.”

Terrorists Drive ISIS Equity Partners to Change Name [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]



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